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Pridis launches the new web client for Connecsy | Cloud™

Pridis is extremely proud of the launch of the new web client for the Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console solution. After a development process of several months, Pridis was able to take significant steps in the development of the web client in the last quarter.

The main advantage of the Connecsy | Cloud™ web client is that employees can handle incoming business communications directly from their browsers. Employees are therefore no longer dependent on software running on the computer. Of course, Pridis will keep the desktop application available and up-to-date, so employees can choose for themselves which client they prefer. An additional advantage of the web client is that employees become even less dependent on the location and the device they work with. Pridis expects that in the future the mobile workplace will play an even more prominent role in business and therefore responds to the changing market with the launch of the web client.

Depending on the underlying communication platform, the functionality of the web client is the same as for the desktop application. For example, an employee can answer phone calls directly from the queue, see the availability of colleagues and transfer the customer to the available colleague. In addition to handling phone calls, employees can also view customer information and create notes. But it is also possible to use 'find-as-you-type' and 'favorites' to quickly search for internal and external contacts and to gain insight into the correct data. As a result, handling business communication takes up less time. By integrating communication channels such as email, chat, social media, Whatsapp Business, Microsoft Teams, hosted telephony and other modern UC solutions, the general overview is maintained and employees can gain insight into the number of incoming conversations.

Ronald Wijnands, Consultant Pridis
"By listening to our customers' employees who work with our attendant consoles, we can optimize and further develop the user-friendliness of our software. Our web client is another great example of this. By giving employees the choice of the desired client, they are much more flexible and less dependent on the location and the device they are working with. Quality, flexibility and user-friendliness is therefore of great importance at Pridis. We not only want to be ahead of the market with our software, but also like to be the best in the business."

Johan van Oostveen, CEO Pridis
"You see that contemporary business communication comes into the company through many different communication channels on the front end, on the back end you see that employees within an organization like to work with applications such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral or other modern UC solutions. Of course, what comes in at the front end has to be connected to the desired platform at the other end. Once this is the case, you've definitely come to the right place at Pridis. The launch of our new web client has made us even more versatile than before. Users of our software have the choice of how they want to use our software. In future releases, we will even be able to scale up and down the number of users in an organization more quickly, so that, for example, adding agents is done within minutes."

Check our attendant console here.
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