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Pridis provides software that significantly improves the efficiency and workflow of business communications.

We are over 20 years good at what we do, we co-create and we are committed to innovation and offering new solutions for future growth, to whatever your communication need.
Why Pridis?
Pridis is a leading European software development company, that creates tooling that manages all communication devices and services for organizations.
What do we do?
Pridis holds a valued independent position in the existing telecom vendor market providing strong bridging solutions connecting any existing vendor platform.
How do we work?
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A logical handling of your business communication

In many cases, it is difficult for organizations to properly process all incoming business communications. Through the modern communication channels such as, chat, Email, social media, whatsapp, voice/video the communication traffic is received. The communication needs to reach the right people fast and have to be well handled. Without the use of good software, organizations quickly run into problems. For example, telephone calls that are not answered, chat messages that keep coming in and an overflowing mailbox. By using our software, company communication becomes manageable, leaving you with satisfied customers.

Multi Vendor integration

When business communication enters an organization through different channels, the desire to interconnect platforms soon arises. For example, a phone call comes in through SIP and it needs to be forwarded to a colleague on Microsoft Teams, then these platforms must be able to communicate with each other. In this case Pridis is the right partner, we interconnect all different types of platforms regardless of which vendor they come from.

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