Our training programs have been specially designed for Managers and End-users. We believe that people learn more effectively if the educational material reflects the actual situation. Our training programs are based on this vision and have proven a huge success.
All our trainers have plenty of professional experience. The training sessions take place on-site or if you prefer online. If you wish, we can arrange with you to teach all the subjects in an in-company setting.

Online training

Our instructors can provide training anywhere in the world using Microsoft Teams. Of course, it is possible to teach in class, but since we are internationally oriented, we understand that an online training can be scheduled faster and it is of course a lot more cost effective.

The right knowledge

Our instructors have used our applications themselves in practice and receive regular hands-on updates from our technical staff, so that on the user side they know exactly what is possible with our applications.


For tailor-made integrations it can be desirable to create a customized training for employees, so they know exactly what the possibilities of the solution and the applications are.

Feel free to contact us for more information and discuss with our team how we can create a fully customized training for your staff.

Creative & intensive teaching style

Our instructors attempt to make every training a great experience. By sharing a lot of knowledge in a creative way and listening to the participants, a fun and interactive atmosphere is created during our trainings. By giving good examples and practical cases, participants become familiar with our applications.

Responsible employees
Employees feel familiar with our software and can help customers in the right way, making them highly accountable.
Satisfied customers
Customers will feel that they are being helped quickly and their questions are being directed to the right people. Customer satisfaction will increase as a result.
Faster workflows
Employees will be able to handle communication traffic faster, through the use of an improved workflow and insight into colleague availability.

Send us a request if you would like to participate on our trainings

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