User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #4.5 Task Scheduler

The task scheduler allows you to view, create or modify scheduled maintenance tasks. Task can be defined for directory synchronization using LDAP or comma separated text files. For more details see the System Administrators Guide.

Create new Import Task
To create a new import task add + and select ldapImport or csvImport. This creates and opens a new import task.
The task definition screen has panels for generic and task specific properties.

Generic properties:
  • Name: this is a descriptive field.
  • Start Date and Time
  • Interval

The task can be manually started, enabled or disabled using the command buttons. The panel also shows the time of the latest task execution.

Task specific properties for CSV text file:
  • File name: note that this is file name and directory on the Attendant Server.
  • Delimiter: common values are a comma or semicolon.
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