7-3-2023: Connecsy | Braille

7th of March, 2023

Connecsy attendant for visually impaired and blind people

For quite some years Pridis has a close partnership with Optelec, a Dutch company that provides products and services for visually impaired people. This resulted in customers with visually impaired operators to be able to use our desktop attendant called Ronda to handle customer calls and be part of the team of operators.
Lately Pridis and Optelec have been optimizing the Connecsy|Cloud webclient for the visually impaired.
Now Pridis is proud to announce the release of Connecsy|Cloud webbased attendant with full support of Braille and Jaws. This release will help visually impaired operators to handle customer calls with ease without limitations. Operators can identify incoming calls and caller information by ear and use shortcuts to operate answering, searching for contacts and transferring calls. You can keep track of active calls status, contact presence information and application navigation is one keypress away.
What options are added for these operators?
These operators need specific features to be able to smoothly navigate the Connecsy application and be able to support the workflow of handling communcations. We added the following:
Added Keyboard Shortcuts. We added specific shortcuts for most common functions that support handling calls and support the workflow of handling communications.
Panel Navigation. We added shortcuts to easily navigate between panels and use keys like TAB to navigate through specific panel items that are relevant for the communication workflow.
Audio Device selection for ring signal. We added a device selection so operators can select to have the ringing alert tone not on their headset, but on any other audio device they prefer, like the PC speaker.
Contact Information. We added specific information to the contactlist, so the operator can quickly navigate through the contacts, get all contact information they need and select the correct number to make the call or transfer a call to.

Connecsy|Cloud most important changes and new features:

  • Compliancy with WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Braille support
  • Jaws support
  • Added Panel Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ringing audio device selection
For more information about these and other features, please contact your Account Manager.


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