User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.4 Call queues

The call queues panel shows the incoming unanswered calls for all queues that you are handling. The calls in this panel are also displayed on other attendants that handle the same call queue.

The total number of queued calls is also shown in the application header.
For each call the following information is displayed in the grid:

Caller Image, Number and Name
When the caller is identified by number and identified in the contact list the callers details are shown.

Queue Name, priority and waiting Time
The color indicates the priority, which is based on the queue priority as defined by the system administrator. The call routing might also lift or lower the priority. For instance a call that was unanswered in the organization might get a higher priority. By default the following colors are assigned: Red is high priority, green is medium priority, and light blue is low priority. The priority color assignment is a global setting that can be adjusted by the system administrator. For more information see the System Administrators Manual.

The queue time starts when the call arrives in the system. It shows how long the caller is waiting for the call to be answered by an attendant. Note that the timer restarts from zero in case of a recall.

Call Note
Shows the call note that could have been entered by another attendant in the My Workspace panel. This value can be updated.

Call Status Indicators
Special status indicators show additional call information such as rerouting or on what attendants this call is currently being offered.
The calls might show the following additional information:
  • Handled By: in case the call already had been answered by an attendant before this field shows the other attendants name.
  • Offered to: Indicates that this call is to be handled by the specified attendant.
  • Recall From: Indicates on what extension this call had been offered before falling back to the attendant queue.
  • Redirected Call: Indicates that the call was redirected.
  • Ringing On: Indicates the attendant station where this call is currently offered to. Depending on the configured routing method the call is offered to one or more attendants simultaneously.
The visibility of these additional call status indicators is configurable and can be changed using the configure button that is accessible from the call queue panel status header.

Call Control Commands
Calls in the queue are either distributed to an available attendant or can be answered straight from the queue. The following commands can be issued to queued calls either by the icons, right-click menu, or dragdrop:
  • Direct call pickup: answer directly a call waiting in the overall queue (VIP). This can also be used to retrieve an earlier rejected call. When using function while you are already answering another call that call will be put on-hold.
  • Prioritize in queue: When already in a call the prioritized call will be reserved for you. It will not be offered to other attendants (however they still could pick it up manually). As soon as you are available the prioritized call is offered to you. When you are not in a call you will answer this call immediately.

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