Release note - Connecsy | Classic™ 5.5 to 5.6

Connecsy 5.5 to 5.6


  • When adding new users/operators, you can individually grant administration, report, and directory rights.
  • Ability to use a centralized user/operator source when using multiple Connecsy’s.
  • Ability to disable the Avaya alert notification.


  • Heirarchy improvements of Connecsy datababses.
  • Database maintenance options added and improved.
  • Connecsy database containing call info and log-ins have been separated.
  • MS SQL 2012 support.


  • Ondersteuning voor centrale rapportages en rapporteren over meerdere Connecsy bedienposten.
  • Support for centralized reports for multiple Connecsy consoles.
  • Report improvements.

Microsoft Outlook® Calendar integration

  • Added support for  MS Office 2013.

Connecsy | Classic™