User manual - Connecsy | Enteprise™ #1 Introduction

The Connecsy Enterprise suite features a state-of-the-art PC-based attendant console solution. Connecsy Enterprise is designed for mid-sized to large businesses and provide intuitive, efficient, and personalized call handling for inbound calls to enhance customer satisfaction and responsiveness. The solution uses SIP for the queuing and transfer operations and features email, SMS, presence Information, mobile phone connections, instant messaging, etc.

Key features of Connecsy Enterprise are:
  • Suitable for every SIP-based PABX.
  • Minimalistic and customizable user interface
  • Priority handling; free choice in which incoming call needs to be handled first.
  • Handle incoming calls based on caller information, like VIP, emergency, waiting time etc.
  • Operators can make notes and mark callers so that they can be welcomed differently
  • next time they call.
  • Multi-operator support: allows groups of operators working together from
  • centralized queues.
  • Role based

Optional features are voice recording, Outlook Calendar and integrations with business applications.

This manual uses the term attendant to describe the person who is handling the call. Other names might be receptionist, telephonist, operator, or agent.
Connecsy | Enteprise™