User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #4.7 Export Directory Data

Directory data can be exported to a comma separated data file (CSV) for example to create a backup or to manually edit the data in Microsoft Excel. After editing the CSV data file it can be imported into Connecsy Enterprise again.

The export panel can be opened by an administrator from the dashboard.
  • Specify the filename and location for the export.
  • Specify the field delimiter. Common values are a comma or semicolon. The default value is retrieved from the Region and Language settings as specified in the OS.
  • Press the Export Directory Data button.

The exported data file will contain all columns including the ExternalId column.

Note that the ExternalId field is filled with a pseudo key if no external key has been specified. When importing this data file the changed records get properly updated. When the ExternalId value is not present or does not match the original values these rows cannot be matched with the existing directory entry and thus a new record will be created in the directory. This might lead to duplicate information.

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