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Wallboard™ for RingCentral platforms

Customer satisfaction quickly goes down when employees don't answer their calls on time. This can happen without you even noticing it. Once there is no visibility into employee availability or there is a rapid increase in incoming phone traffic, you will not be able to anticipate quickly. To ensure that business workflows are as efficient as possible and to ensure continuity, we have now made Wallboard available for the RingCentral platform on RingCentral Office, Avaya Cloud Office, Unify Office and ALE's Rainbow Office.

Wallboard for RingCentral allows you to see real-time statistics, performance, the status of each agent and the ability to display statistics of different groups. 'Rich media content' allows different media channels to be displayed on the Wallboard, such as random web pages, social media, company information, videos and live RSS feeds (allowing managers to send messages directly to the Wallboard). Display an alarm if limits are exceeded, which will require scaling up the team with agents.

Are you curious about all the possibilities of Wallboard for the different Office platforms of RingCentral? Then contact us directly for more information or a demonstration.