User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.7 Favorites

The favorites panel shows a list of selected contact entries that are always visible. You can put the most used contacts here so that you can transfer calls directly to them, or to have their Presence directly visible.

Favorites can manually be reordered by dragging the selected favorite to a new location. The order of the favorites will be persisted between application sessions.

Adding a Favorite
Add a contact entry as favorite by:
  • Searching for the contact entry in the directory search panel. Right-click the contact entry and select "Add to Favorites"
  • Drop a contact on the favorites panel.

Removing a Favorite
Remove a contact entry from the favorites panel by:
  • Select the contact entry on the favorites panel. Right click the entry and select "Remove from Favorites"
  • Drop a favorite to the contact panel.

Note that this action will only remove the contact entry from the favorites panel. It is still present in the database and will show up at subsequent directory searches.

Visible Information
Favorites can be shown in various views:
  • List view shows condensed information and is suitable to show many contacts together
  • Detail view shows detailed information on all fields that contain information
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