User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.10 Chat conversations

Chat conversation are initiated from the contact- or favorite panel. This will open a chat conversation window on the dynamic workspace region of the screen. When MS Teams is configured it is possible to start a chat session towards other MS Teams users. With the attendant to attendant chat connector is enabled it is possible to start chat conversations between attendants.

Start MS Teams chat session
To open a new chat conversation select a contact entry in the directory or favorites panel and press the chat icon. This will open the list of chat templates.

Note: the chat icon is only enabled when the selected contact entry has an email address defined.

Selecting a named template will use the title for the conversation and sends the body text as a first message in the conversation.

You can have multiple active conversations open. The conversations will show up side-by-side in the chat panel. Each conversation will have its own tab button. To close a conversation press the (x) icon in the right corner of the tab.

When the chat recipient answers the message the chat conversation tab will start glowing to indicate a new chat message has arrived. The glowing will disappear when you select the conversation.

Note: This feature is only available with a valid license and with Microsoft Teams being configured.

Start chat session between attendants
To open a new chat conversation towards another attendant right-click on the attendant icon and select "Start Chat Session" command.

Note: This feature is only available when the chat connector has been configured on the attendant server.

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