Connecsy for RingCentral (EN)

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Whether your business is large or small, efficient communication is always a challenge. Companies are being increasingly confronted with different types of contact channels. So how personal and efficient is the contact with your customers? And how accessible are your employees?

In order to do business efficiently, you want to be able to guarantee a fast response to customer queries. The modern Connecsy for RingCentral not only makes it easy for your employees to answer and forward telephone calls and handle chat, but it also helps them to handle contact with customers very professionally thanks to the additional customer information it provides. Connecsy for RingCentral users can view all the necessary availability and accessibility information at a glance without having to switch between screens. Attendants can use chat, mail and options to pass on-call information to individuals or groups in the organization, or easily take over calls from other locations during busy hours. Improve your communication and your business performances and increase customer satisfaction. The system can work from the enterprise network, but also as a service from the Pridis Cloud Platform (PAAS).

Pridis has been developing and supplying attendant consoles for more than 20 years. Connecsy for RingCentral is the result of very close cooperation between users, such as receptionists, call center agents and supervisors. With its user interface similar to the well- known Connecsy Enterprise, users can define the layout and information they need to optimize their workflow. Decide which panels to display, how many queues are displayed, favorite persons, search options, and more. In the user profiles, all the settings can be designed specifically for each individual user.
As an essential part of customer communication, your attendants need all the information they can handle
to answer the callers or give them feedback. Use the integrated calendar to quickly see appointments of colleagues, or use the multi-source presence information to reach an available employee while searching. Use
the favorites panel to get the presence of VIP in a quick glance. Easily see or take notes during the call, that is visible for colleagues when the call is transferred.

On the same work screen used to handle incoming and outgoing calls, users can start a chat or group instant messaging or sent an email. Use the built-in templates to automatically include name, number, and time for a call- back request for rapid responses.

Connecsy for RingCentral makes employees accessible, no matter how mobile they are. For an extra personal approach, the user can quickly search (Find-As-You-Type) for internal and external contacts using extra information such as notes, public and private information, local numbers and availability on different platforms. Reduce search time with the Intelligent Lookup. The persons who the caller previously spoke to, are directly visible for selection. Use easy drag and drop to transfer the call. Handy shortcuts on the keyboard means that mouse movements are no longer necessary for common functions.

What are the benefits?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy call answering, hold, and transfer
  • Easy call handling between multiple locations
  • View calls waiting in queue and history
  • Manage queue availability
  • Role-based functions and screen layout
  • Integrated chat, auto-replies, and templates
  • Chat with customers and colleagues
  • WhatsApp Business customer chat channel
  • Send email using email templates
  • View presence and schedules in one glance
  • Resizable 'favorite contacts' panel
  • Additional presence resources
  • Intelligent caller phone list lookup
  • Search while you type
  • Internal & external contacts
  • External directory integration
  • Braille support

Combine other applications like a webcam or barrier control into a panel in the flexible layout. Connecsy for RingCentral supports the integration of the third parties as well as tailor-made applications.

The main advantage of the Connecsy web client is that attendants can handle incoming business communications directly from their browsers. Attendants are therefore no longer dependent on software running on the computer. Depending on the underlying communication platform, the functionality of the web client is the same as for the desktop client. Of course, Pridis will keep the desktop client available and up-to- date, so users can choose for themselves which client they prefer. An additional advantage of the web client is that users become even less dependent on the location and the device they work with. Pridis expects that in the future the mobile workplace will play an even more prominent role in business and therefore responds to the changing market with the web client.

Web client benefits

  • No physical installation required
  • Always available on the internet
  • Ideal for flexible workspaces and mobile workers
  • Scalable solution for customer services, info desks, support desks, and attendants
  • Subscription-based SaaS solution
  • Easily add integrations by API connections
  • Tailor-made functionality on request


Queue Management
• Number of queues
• Workflow/skill management

Queue Parameters Routing/Overflow
• Based on number
• Time in queue
• Re-routing by closing queue
• Opening and Closing

• Availability-based routing
• Send attachments
• Message history

• Colleagues calendars (Google calendar, M365, Exchange)
•Make and send notes
• Easy transfers
• Favorites/VIPs
• Multiple presence sources

• Historical call statistics
• Real-time presentations

Call Distribution
• Random
• Waiting-time-based
• Sequential


Automatically record both sides of the conversations.

Add vocal and braille control for visual impaired attendants.

Active Directory Connector
Keep your phonebook up to date with your Avaya directory.

Add a chat channel for your customers and route chats towards back-office employees.

Add the recording option so to train new employees more effectively by listening to real conversations.


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