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Connecsy | Cloud™ web client - UC Today Video interview

UC Today video interview with Tom Wright & Johan van Oostveen.

Johan van Oostveen, addressing the questions of what developments Pridis has recently gone through during the interview with Tom Wright of UC-Today. With their attendant console Pridis has been able to make great progress in the development of the web client that is now available and can be accessed from a browser. Pridis is also an official Vendor of RingCentral, so the Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console integrates seamlessly with this platform.

As Johan van Oostveen points out, Connecsy | Cloud™ will (soon) be available through the web store of all major vendors. Once customers want to use the attendant console, they only need to download- or access it through the browser, and make sure they have the necessary SaaS subscriptions. Not only is RingCentral fully supported, but platforms such as Microsoft's will also be fully supported.

The web client is ideal for attendants who have a flexible workplace. By logging in to the browser they can get to work immediately. Also for IT people managing the application will become a lot easier. Because the web client is available from the cloud, updates are executed automatically. An IT person therefore only has to concern himself with the management of the users.

The development of the Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console is proceeding at a phenomenal pace. Worldwide, both SMB and large Enteprise companies benefit from the conveniences that Connecsy | Cloud™ has to offer. These include companies such as government agencies, municipalities, hospitals, healthcare institutions, banks, commercial companies and so on.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing attendant consoles, and by listening to attendants, Pridis can continue to develop the software to ensure a great customer experience.

Check the video article also on UC-Today.