Connecsy | Overview of Features Added in 2023

In our commitment to consistently provide optimal solutions, we continually explore new technologies and anticipate evolving client needs. Here's an overview of the enhancements implemented in 2023 on Connecsy for operators and KCC agents, ensuring seamless navigation and optimizing communication workflows:

Braille Support
We added specific features for most common functions that support handling calls and support the workflow of handling communications using Braille devices.

  • Compliancy with WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Braille support
  • Jaws support
  • Added Panel Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ringing audio device selection

Jabra support
Agents using Jabra headsets can now answer and hangup calls using their Jabra headset. This particularly useful for receptionists who are not always sitting behind their desk and handling different tasks.

Secondary Ringing device
We added the possibility to select a different device for the ringing signal for incoming calls and chats, then the audio path. For instance the PC speakers while using a headset for voice

After Call Work
We added the After Call Work time (ACW) which enables users to do administrative tasks after a voice call, before being offered the next call. Flexible options are provided to preliminary end the ACW, claim a pause during ACW or extend the ACW time. ACW and its durations can be setup by admins for teams of agents or individual agents.

Chat Channels
Added social media chat channel connectors.

Ronda 2.7
A couple of improvements on the Ronda desktop client.

Name dialing for Teams
Users can type or select a user unique personal name (UPN) to be used to dial or transfer calls to a colleage.

Teams Desktop Call Control
Incoming calls can be handled more smoothly while the Teams Call Control automatically minimizes the Teams call window and closes it when the call ends. This will also free up the headset for other Teams calls.

Queue picking after announcement
We improved the queue picking for RingCentral to allow queue picking only after the initial announcement is fully played to the caller.

Agent Accept/Decline Chat
Agents can now select to accept an incoming chat session from the queue or decline the chat so it will remain on the queue for other agents to accept the chat session.

Agent Transfer Chat
Agents can transfer a chat to another agent using Connecsy.

User profiles
Added profiles for each user to enable of disable certain functionality like Agent features and ACW.

Skill based routing
Added skill based routing for agent type user profiles. A set of skills can be administrated and added to the profile and queue calls are routed to the agents being available with the appropriate skills.

Location based caller ID with Teams
Based on the location of the agent the caller ID for outbound calls are based on the resource account used.

Allow outbound calls while in ACW state
Agents can make outbound calls while in ACW state.

Location based Call Parking for RingCentral
We added location dependency to the call parking functionality, so users can only see calls parked on their location.

LDAP import
Settings are now available directly from the Admin Portal.

Panel/tab grouping
Panels can now be grouped or re-ordered in any combination on the layout of the screen. The preferred layout settings are stored and retrieved when the user logs in.

Customer Journey panel
A new panel has been made available that allows users to see a timeline of calls and chat interactions when an identified customer calls or starts a chat session or view it offline by selecting a contact from the contact list.

NRR Reason codes
Added a required not ready reason code entry for agents when agents selects non active state. The list of default NRR codes can be customized by administrators per tenant.

Recording for RingCentral
We added on-demand recording for RingCentral based platforms. When enabled, agents can now start and stop voice recording for conversations when needed and listen to recordings using the RingCentral portal.

Release note popup
To inform users when new functionality is added in the Connecsy Cloud, after login an informational pop-up will show a summary of the changes, as well as the option to show more detailed release notes on our website.

Location per attendant
We added the option to set a location for agents, so agents can only see colleagues who are active within their location.

Chat Reports
We added two chat messaging reports to give insight in both performance of agents handling customer chat interactions and also volume of chat sessions handled by the agents.

Added support for ringback on outgoing calls

Several improvements and bug fixes
We did a couple of optimizations and improvements for the Teams and the RingCentral platforms.


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