User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2 Contact handling

This chapter describes how to perform the standard contact interaction tasks, such as answering and transferring calls and making call notes.

Before you can use Connecsy Enterprise, you have to login to the application. When the application is started the logon window appears.

To login to the application perform the following steps:
  • Enter your username. Get this username (and the following properties) from your system administrator. On initial system delivery login using Administrator and password @dminPwd!. Note that it is advised to change this default password on initial system usage.
  • Enter your password. Be aware that passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Enter the extension number of your telephone for usage with telephony. To start the application in administrative mode, an administrator can also login without entering an extension. The application will then not show the telephony controls but only the management dashboard.
  • Enter the server hostname or ip-address of the attendant server and optionally the port address. Typical values are localhost or attendantserver:8000. This setting might not be visible if the application is configured to hide this setting.
  • Selecting the Save Credentials option will remember the username and password the next time you login to the application.
  • Click on the Login button in the lower-left corner.

If the login fails an error message will be shown on the login window. See the troubleshooting section for help.
Note: it is also possible to bypass the login window when starting the application with command line parameters.

User Roles
Your user account has a role as either user, supervisor, or system administrator. The role will determine the rights and functionality within the application. With the user role you can perform all contact handling tasks such as answering and transferring calls and sending notes.
With the supervisor role you can in addition to the user role run reports and maintain the email- and chat templates. A supervisor can also change the actual queue status by opening or closing incoming call queues.

With the administrator role you can in addition to the supervisor role create or modify user accounts and assign roles.

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