10-2-2023: Connecsy | Jabra headset support

10th of February, 2023

Connecsy now supports Jabra headsets

The new release of Connecsy has full support of Jabra headsets, which will help operators to user their preferred headset to handle calls. Operators can even answer calls while away from their desk as we also added answer and hangup calls with the Jabra headset buttons. Jabra headset is supported for all RingCentral brands.

Supported Jabra headsets:
- Engage 65 Mono / Stereo.
- Engage 75 Mono / Stereo.
- BIZ 1500 Mono / Stereo (wired).
- Evolve 20 SE Mono / Stereo (wired).
- Evolve 65 Mono / Stereo (link 370).
- Evolve 75 only Duo (link 370).
- Evolve2 40 only Duo (wired).
- Evolve2 65 Mono / Stereo (link 370).
- Evolve2 85 only Duo (link 370 or 380).

System requirements
  • OS
Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11

  • Browser
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

  • Jabra device connector (Windows)
Latest software can be downloaded from:

  • Jabra device connector (browser extension)
Extension can be downloaded from: generation-3/kpmedpgagnidddimmioekjdhfllmdfia

On Microsoft Edge there is an extra permission needed for using Google extensions.
Go to:
Jabra Device Connector (Browser Extension) - Chrome Web Store (
And click at the top of the page Allow extensions from other stores.
Followed by

Connecsy most important changes and new features:

  • Jabra headset status icon
  • Answer and hangup via the Jabra headset
  • Device selection for the ringing signal
  • Complient with latest Ringcentral SDK
  • Name dialing for MS Teams
For more information about these and other features, please contact your Account Manager.


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