Release note - Connecsy | Classic™ 2.1 to 2.5

Connecsy 2.1 to 2.5


  • Expanded language options for: Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Norse.
  • Performance reports of operators and receptionist availability.
  • E-mail messages to improve reachability: the ability to set-up an e-mail message from a template to a person selected from the directory, other templates are available.
  • Connection with Outlook Schedule to check calendars and availability of employees, for instance, to be able to see when they return from a meeting and are available again.
  • Extended employee database with profile picture.


  • Optional user log-in for Connecsy allowing you to generate seperate reports for every user.
  • New Operator report displaying (among other things) Amount of times set busy, time busy, time logged on, time in call.


  • User management:
  • Improved lay-out for creating and editing Connecsy users.
  • A password can be changed by both user and administrator.
  • Ability to make user log-in mandatory.


  • Definity Attendant Positioning support.
  • Automatic status busy when closing the program.
  • Multiple methods for transferring calls: automatic on-hold, consultation, dial-prompt when initiating transfer.
  • Obvious status busy indicator when starting Connecsy.
  • More detailed display of feature statuses in the Feature Button window.


  • Optional module for importing from Active Directory to Connecsy database over LDAP.
  • Optional module for voice recording.
  • Ability to install the Connecsy Database on a centralized server, allowing the Connecsy client’s to use the same database. Every client is able to manage the database.
  • Quick and powerful database optimized for looking up internal and external phone numbers and contact information, pager and mobile information.
  • Instant Busy Lamp Field (BLF) status in the database search result window.
  • Operator report database management and backup facilities.


  • User preferences, this gives individual users the ability to set ringtones and display settings when logging into Connecsy.
Connecsy | Classic™