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Pridis Connecsy | Cloud™ - Web application almost ready!

Currently, Pridis is working on the development of the Connecsy | Cloud™ web application and the first release is almost ready. This web application is multi-platform and cloud based. The functionality differs per underlaying communication platform such as those of RingCentral (Avaya, Unify & Rainbow) or Microsoft Teams.

With the development of the Connecsy | Cloud™ web application, we’re aiming to integrate all modern communication solutions within the platform. Employees can access the operator console from the web browser, allowing them to work from any location and take advantage of the conveniences our operator console has to offer. Managing communication channels such as WhatsApp Business, social media, chat, Email, hosted telephony, Microsoft Teams and video/speech solutions will become a child's play, providing overview and peace of mind.
We expect the first release of the web application will be available mid Q3.

The new desktop application of Connecsy | Cloud™ for the RingCentral platform is now available at Pridis. Please contact us for a consultation and a short demonstration.