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Ronald Wijnands in an interview with UC Today

Ronald Wijnands elaborates on the evolving role of an attendant in an interview with UC Today

The role of attendants has changed dramatically in the last 18 months. The ever-evolving role of the attendant is the basis for Pridis' Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console. Which can be integrated with Microsoft Teams and RingCentral platforms such as, RingCentral Office, Avaya Cloud Office, unify Office and Rainbow Office.

According to Ronald Wijnands, the primary focus of our application, is to make it as easy as possible for attendants to complete their workflows and all the tasks that fall to them. By providing them with all the information they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, he says. Most attendants have a dual role; they handle incoming communications, but also welcome people who arrive at the office.

"We want to provide them with all the information they need, such as the calendar information of colleagues, whether they are available and on what device, or the information of the customer who is calling."

The attendant console will connect with the APIs of Microsoft Teams and RingCentral, ensuring that communication traffic is processed on these platforms rather than in Connecsy | Cloud™ itself. In the near future, the attendant console will become available to multiple UCaaS vendors.

As Ronald points out, relative to the competition, the Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console is better at integrating with multiple platforms. Where most only focus on a single solution. The Connecsy | Cloud™ platform allows attendants to handle voice, email, chat, SMS and more. In addition, attnedants can create their own templates to speed up work processes.

Cybersecurity is also higher on the corporate agenda than ever, but the challenge of staying secure was made even more difficult last year when people were forced to work from home on consumer networks. All the while, GDPR remained a key compliance requirement across Europe.

"Security is an important aspect and being able to have a secure connection between the home office, the office itself and the platform," says Wijnands.

"One of the main focuses for us was to make sure that all of those connections are secure and encrypted, with users able to log in using the login credentials from the cloud platform itself."

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