User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #4.2 Email Templates

A user with an admin role can administer the available email- and chat templates. The email template panel is opened from the dashboard or from the menu item when clicking an email icon on a contact.

Email templates are used to compose a new email message with or without an active call. The template allows to content for the subject and body text, as static text or from parameter values that can refer to the contact entry or active call.

Multiple email templates can be defined by a user with an administrator role. These templates can also be parametrized. The templates are managed by opening the Email Templates window from the Advanced Settings tab.

Adding or Modifying a Template
A new email template can be added by clicking the Add New [+] button. Existing templates can be edited by selecting the template from the list.

Templates are defined by:
  • Name: this is a descriptive name that is also shown in the email- and chat dropdown button in the call wheel.
  • Subject: this text field is used as the subject line in an email message or as the topic title in a chat session. This field might include message parameters, as described below.
  • Body: this text field is used as the body of the email message or as the first line in a chat conversation. This field might include message parameters, as described below.

Message Parameters
The template subject and body text can contain both literal text as well as parameters that are replaced by the actual content at the moment the template is used in an email or chat session. When a parameter isn't available at the time of sending the message, it will be left empty, i.e. when sending an email when not in a call, the selected line is empty, and so are all those parameters.

The following parameters can be used:

The following list of fields are supported:

Note that when an incorrect template body is specified the input dialog will show "Input string was not in a correct format". The save button will be disabled in such case.

Deleting an Email Template
Email templates can be permanently deleted by selecting the template and clicking the Delete button.

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