User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.12 Attendant status

In the attendant status section on the top of the screen displays the actual status of the other attendants logged into the system. A tooltip message displays additional information such as the attendant status, extension and the call state.

For each attendant a call status icon is displayed. The color of the icon will indicate the attendant status:
  • Green: Attendant is available and will get calls from the call queue
  • Red: Attend is busy and will not get any calls from the queue offered.
The attendant icon also shows the call states.

When right-clicking the attendant icon it is possible to:
  • Use the phone number to initiate a new call or set the transfer destination.
  • Initiate a new chat conversation (when configured), see Chat.

Also the attendant icon can be dropped on My Workspace top initiate a new call or call transfer.

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