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SaaS-solution for inbound communication


Organisations want to offer their customers a single application for incoming business communication alongside all the new communication channels. That is exactly what Pridis realises with Connecsy | Cloud. An interview with Johan van Oostveen, director of Pridis and a man with a mission in a rapidly changing industry. By: Hans Steeman

Channel partners, we have to be careful with them, they are the antennas in the market’.

Corporate communication has been transformed by the new way of working during the corona crisis. People work from multiple locations with numerous concept types and often 24/7. WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, SMS, e-mail, standard voice telephony - these are all ingredients for a flexible workplace. The changing way of working has proved to be a catalyst for communication services offered from the cloud. Anyone with a good and secure internet connection can use it. Johan van Oostveen: “We offer our attendant console service Pridis Connecsy | Cloud as a SaaS service. We do not sell hardware, but offer software solutions, including through cloud-based services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Pridis is a Dutch company that has been autonomously developing its technology for over 25 years and is not dependent on third parties. The service can be delivered for large accounts through direct sales and through our channel partners for the mid-market.” Van Oostveen is clear about the channel partners: “We have to be careful with them, they are the antennas in the market. They should not see SaaS as a threat but as a valuable addition to their services. The strength of Connecsy | Cloud is that we connect all communication channels to one and the same software application. So our operator console is very universal and powerful.” For the customer, a SaaS solu-tion is ideal: no on-site installations with a necessary in-house support organisa-tion. It is also financially beneficial because no upfront investment is required, only a monthly subscription that can be quickly scaled up or down. 

Versatility is the key of the product 

Pridis Connecsy | Cloud is a powerful and universal operator console, which can be applied to the total arsenal of communication products that a company, municipality or government agency uses. In the past, an attendant was there to take incoming calls and connect the customer to the right person. He or she would translate the customer’s wishes to the person who could take care of them. With the current expansion of communication channels, such as WhatsApp, social media, chat, e-mail, hosted telephony, Microsoft Teams and video/voice solutions, the choice for both consumers and employees has become much broader. Before the emergence of the new way of working, many companies could fall back on the voice systems of, for example, Avaya, RingCentral, Unify, Cisco and Mitel. These components remain as important as ever for an organisation, but they are supplemented by a new way of thinking. Connecsy | Cloud is the service that seamlessly integrates the new communication services and the existing voice services, into one universal operator station. For example, a notification to the fire brigade via WhatsApp can be directly routed through the system to the commander’s mobile phone. Customers continue to approach companies and institutions in the way they are accustomed to and prefer, and the organisations set up their communication networks in accordance with current corporate standards. 

Van Oostveen; “A client who wants to be put through to a specialist with a specific question, will call the hospital’s general number. Via IVRs and intermediaries, he will eventually reach the right employee. In order to establish a connection between the client and a specialist, the connection may need to cross several platforms. possibly over several platforms. For example, via the telephone system to the client and internally via Microsoft Teams. A second client can make contact via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. This must also be supported and ultimately end up with the same employee.” The market demand for smart software-based solutions, has grown very strongly since the new way of working became the norm, says Van Oostveen. “Not only the traditional telephone system must now be supported in our application, but also services such as Microsoft Teams, UC solutions, social media, e-mail, web chat and WhatsApp. Subsequently, all this incoming communication must then be routed from the organisation to the home workers. The integration with Avaya Cloud Office, Alcatel Rainbow Office, Unify Office and Mitel Telepo is possible because Pridis is a certified partner of these suppliers. The Pridis Connecsy operator console is therefore a guaranteed stable extension of their system and receives full support from these providers. ? 

‘For the customer, a SaaS solution is ideal: no on-site installations with a necessary support organization’ 

Innovative SaaS-solutions 

The Dutch company Pridis has been active in the international market for more than 25 years. The company focuses on the co-creation of innovative SaaS solutions in the business communication field. To this end, it is certified by numerous reputable communication solution providers. Pridis products are available through the reseller channel for large organizations and the SME (mid-business market). Crucial to the service is that the products ensure that the customer remains in control of his own communication environment, regardless of the interface, such as voice, video, chat or internet calling.