User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.2 A first overview

After successful login the application displays the main screen.
The main screen of Connecsy Enterprise consist of different panels, each having their own function and tasks. When logging in as administrative mode the main screen only shows the dashboard but no panels.

On the right side a fly-in menu can be opened by moving the mouse pointer to the right side of the application, or by clicking. The fly-in menu offers access to:
Main screen with fly-in panel

Regular user with Extension

When you initially login to the application as a regular user with an extension the main screen will look like:
The main application screen has the following panels:

The Call Queues panel lists all incoming unanswered calls. You can see which calls will be offered to you and you are able to pick-up and answer a call from the queue.

In the workspace you see the calls that are under your control. It shows the active call and parked calls. You can also unpark held calls here.

In the directory search panel you have access to all the contact information of personnel within your enterprise. You can look up names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and job responsibilities, and easily start a call, send a e-mail or start a chat conversation.

The favorites panel shows the status of selected directory entries. It also allows to immediately contact a favorite.

  • Dynamic workspace
The dynamic workspace is used to shown contact details, chat sessions, reports, and management screens.

  • Dashboard
When logging into the application in administrative mode (that is, without entering an extension) the base screen always shows a dashboard with navigation buttons.

The top region is used to show a number of elements, whereas elements may not always be visible.
  • Logged-in user
  • Entry box for direct dial
  • Queue Status - The queue status panel shows the actual number of incoming unanswered calls in the queue. For supervisors it also allows to change the queue status.

In the attendant status panel you can see the status of the other attendant operators and directly contact them.

In the tools panel you can configure your own preferences and with supervisor rights manage the application.

In the right-lower corner the menu button provides access to functions similar to the My Settings panel, such as log out and reset panels. The following chapters of this manual describe the different components and their functions and tasks in more detail.

Administrative Mode

When logging in as administrator without an extension the start screen directly opens the dashboard:
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