User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #4.3 User Management

A user with administrator role can add, modify and delete user accounts. The administrator can also assign queues to users.

Add or Modifying a User Account
A new user account can be created by clicking the Add New [+] button. Existing user accounts can be edited by selecting the user account from the list.
User accounts are defined by:

Queue Assignments
The user can handle multiple queues. To assign queues to a user account select the queue in the available ques list, and press the assign/link button. The queue is then added to the assigned queues list. The user will from now on receive calls from this queue.
To remove a queue assignment select the assigned call queue and press the unlink button. The user will now not receive calls from this queue anymore.

Deleting a User Account
User accounts can be deleted by selecting the user account and clicking the Delete button. This will mark the user account as deleted so that the user cannot log in to the application anymore.