Release note - Connecsy | Classic™ 6.0 to 6.1

Connecsy 6.0 to 6.1


Windows 8 Support
Windows 10 Support
Avaya Aura 7 Support
The application now saves its data in the ProgramData folder instead of the Program Files folder.

License Server

Addition if the license server for centralized license storage.
Connecsy consoles retrieve their license from the centralized server, therefor the console is not PC bound, local activation is still an option.

Picture functionality

Pictures can be added through a URL. This makes it possible to import them over LDAP/CSV instead of manually adding pictures for every record.


Ability to search the directory while transferring a call.

H232 Protocol

Improved support for H323.
Ability to provide a call-back extension on client startup.

Virtual Environments

By changing the way Connecsy saves its data, the ability to provide an extension on startup, and the centralized license server, Connecsy is now a more viable option for virtualization.

Connecsy | Classic™