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MSP Cafe interviews Frank De Schrijver (COO Pridis)

During the interview, the MSP Cafe is the guest of NEC in Hilversum. Richard Bordes host of the show asks Frank De Schrijver to give a short summary about the history of Pridis. Where Frank tells that in the past 25 years we are mainly known for our attendant console and that Pridis currently has the focus like other vendors on cloud. The Connecsy | Cloud™ is of course an example of this, in which the name already indicates that we have developed the Connecsy attendant console for various cloud platforms.

As an example Richard Bordes says that Pridis has customers like Tesla and MC Kinsey. But also Dutch customers such as TUI and various government agencies or GP practices. Pridis is known for offering the attendant console for customers as flexibly as possible. Whether its in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise, Pridis can create different interconnections with almost all platforms, so attendants can be provided with all the information they need. As Frank points out, the combination with a Braille rule is also extremely special. Pridis facilitates this from the beginning, so that visually impaired people can still do their job properly.

Richard asks about what the possibilities are for MSPs, what if they come across some dated systems and the client chooses to migrate to the cloud, how do those trajectories go? Frank says, because attendants are the first point of contact within an organization, they often start working in Connecsy on the old system. Once they are used to it, the organization can switch to the cloud. For the attendants, nothing really changes then. The only difference is that the underlying platform is changed, in this case to UNIVERGE BLUE, but the attendant console remains the same.

Frank explains that there are various possibilities for flex-workers and hybrid systems to gain insight into the presence information. It can be very important for an attendant to see if an external employee is available on his mobile, for example, but is in a call on Microsoft Teams or on UNIVERGE BLUE. Or whether access control registers the presence of employees inside the building. An attendant can then immediately see whether someone is in the office or not. These small insights speed up the work process of attendants considerably.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of our Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console or the possibilities of integrating with related systems, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you.