User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.5 My workspace

The My Workspace panel shows the calls that are actually being offered or handled by the attendant.
For each call the following information is shown:

Caller Id and Name
Displays the phone number of the caller and the name. Whenever possible the name is retrieved from the directory or as defined in the PBX.

Time in Queue
Shows a timer that starts when the call arrives in the system. It shows how long the caller is waiting for the call to be answered by an attendant. Note that the timer restarts from zero in case of a recall.

Call Status Indicators
Special status indicators show additional call information such as rerouting or on what attendants this call is currently being offered.
  • Recall From: Indicates on what extension this call had been offered before falling back to the attendant queue.
  • Transferring To: Indicates that the call is being transferred.
The visibility of these additional call status indicators is configurable and can be changed using the configure button that is accessible from the call queue panel status header.

Call Control Commands
The line indicator offers the following call control functions:
  • Answer when call is being offered
  • Hangup. A call can also be disconnected by dragging it into the bin which appears when starting to drag.
  • Blind transfer. Transfers the call to the current selected contact or favorite. A call can also be transferred by dragging the call over a contact or favorite.
  • Consultative transfer. Transfers the call to the current selected contact or favorite. A consultative transfer can also be initiated by dragging a contact or favorite over a call.
  • Hold: Will put an active call on-hold.
  • Unhold call: Will put a call from hold and make it the active call. If another call was active that call will be put on hold.
  • Take back a transferring call: this will end the transfer by disconnecting the called party and making the original call active.

Call Note
Calls can be enriched with a call note by entering text in the Note field. This text is transferred with the call and will show up:
  • On subsequent arrivals in another attendant in the Call Queues panel.
  • Within the call history detail report.
  • On some PBX's it will be shown on the destination handset.
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