User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #6 Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with Connecsy Enterprise consult this troubleshooting page. The troubleshooting methods described below will help you diagnose and solve the most common problems with Connecsy Enterprise. If none of them seem to apply, contact your help desk or administrator for help.

Login issues and problems

If you find yourself unable to log in, you may have one of the following problems:

No login window appears after starting the application
Probably the used shortcut points to an incorrect location or the application has been installed incorrectly. Contact your help desk or administrator to solve this problem.

My username and password are refused
The user login and password entered did not match. Please make sure the information you entered is correct. Note that passwords are case sensitive so make sure Caps Lock is turned off.

What if I forget the username?
Don't know your username? Contact another user and request that they look it up for you. To do this, the other user has to have system administrator rights with access to User Management.

What if I forget the password?
Don't know your password? Contact another user with system administrator rights and access to User Management, and ask him/her to reset your password.

Extension already in use by another attendant client
The entered extension is currently already in use by another attendant. A phone extension can be used by one attendant only. Enter another extension to deliver the calls to.

Could not connect to server.Please retry later or consult you system administrator.
The server is not started or cannot be reached. Ensure that the server is running and validate the server hostname and portnumber.

Could not parse the server address. Enter a hostname or ip address and optionally port number, e.g. ''.
The servername is not correct specified. Check the entered hostname and portnumber. Note that the portnumber is a numerical value.

Could not register attendant on extension
Attendant could not monitor the extension. Is the extension valid and monitored by the server? Check the telephony driver on the server (e.g. check the Tapi TSP).

Error registering on the telephony provider
Attendant could not monitor the extension. Is the extension valid and monitored by the server? Check with your system administrator.

Troubleshooting Email

Email Client does not open
Verify that the email client (MS Outlook) is installed on the attendant PC. Verify if the email client is properly registered in the Operating System:
  • open a command prompt
  • enter the command: start

This should open the email client. If the client does not open check error messages and fix the problems before trying to get the client launched from within the attendant application.

Application Use

Also the application shows a 'disconnected' icon. This indicates that the client has no connection to the server currently. Causes can be that the server is restarting (triggered by a system administrator), or it might indicate a network problem. Contact your system administrator.

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