User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #4.6 Import Directory Data

The directory can be imported from a formatted comma separated text file (CSV).
The import panel can is opened by an administrator from the dashboard.
  • Open the upload form using the button Upload Data Directory
  • Select the CSV data file. Note that the field separator should be specified in this form as well. Common values are a comma or semicolon. The default value is retrieved from the Region and Language settings as specified in the OS.
  • Press the button Upload Directory Data. The data file is now uploaded to the server and will be parsed. The progress can be monitored in the task scheduler.
NOTE: during the actual upload of the CSV data file the directory is locked.

File Format
The first line of the file must be the header line. Column names or case-insensitive and any column not listed here is ignored. Invalid data in a column causes that data to not be imported. As long as at least one column has valid data, the import process tries to add it to the Directory, providing the entry passes all validation.

Note that according to standard RFC 4180 that a field value needs to be enclosed by quotation marks in the following cases:
  • the field value contains the delimiter value.
  • the field value contain a line break.
A quote mark should be represented by 2 quote mark. The field should be enclosed by quotes.
It is advised to use the UTF-8 character- and file encoding.

It is advised to import at least the columns PhoneNumber, ExternalId, FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress.

Available headers:

Sample file
pprecies;Pietje;Precies;123;"Today is the big day"
kvaak;Klaas;Vaak;234;"Does it, doesn't it"
phein;Piet;Hein;456:"Some interesting remark.
on this guy!"
vtijd;Vader;Tijd;345:"He says ""No!"""

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