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Pridis Launches the Dynamic Dialogue Platform

Dutch software developer Pridis (known for the Connecsy | Cloud™ SaaS solution for cloud collaboration) introduces the new and advanced Dynamic Dialogue Platform. We spoke with Caspar Hendriks (Director of Global Sales & Partnerships) to explain how this important introduction simplifies and streamlines communication between businesses and relationships.

Dutch software company Pridis is no newcomer to the market; they have a long-standing presence, especially with Connecsy, their universal control center solution for various telecommunication platforms. Thanks to this attendant solution, all information channels used by a company (including email, SMS, voice, video, and WhatsApp) are consolidated in one place. Their product is compatible with various environments and is also Microsoft-certified for integration into Teams. Why is this important? Organizations, businesses, municipalities, and other institutions seek a centralized hub for incoming business communication, alongside the array of new communication channels. Without the right software, unanswered calls, overflowing inboxes, and endless chat messages can quickly become a problem. This is precisely what the Pridis services solve. As always, there is room for improvement, which is why the advanced Dynamic Dialogue Platform has been developed. This product is built on the Connecsy foundation and has extensions that respond to societal developments. Caspar: "Our Dynamic Dialogue Platform starts where a control center ends. Voice remains important, but younger people are increasingly opting for other forms of communication. You have to take that into account. With the new platform, we have added about 35 communication channels." So it is an evolution from the traditional control center to a modern and flexible environment.

"Thanks to the integration with many common communication platforms, efficiency on the screen is significant."

Customers Communicate Through an Increasing Number of Channels
As a result of hybrid working, corporate communication has also taken on a completely different perspective. Employees can work from multiple locations, with numerous tools, often around the clock. Existing channels and new social media, they are all ingredients for today's extremely flexible workplace. The changing work methods are a catalyst for communication services offered from the cloud. Anyone with a good and secure internet connection can use these services. Caspar Hendriks: "We offer our attendant and agent solution Pridis Connecsy | Cloud™ as a SaaS service. So, Pridis does not sell hardware, but we offer a software solution as a service, including cloud-based services (AWS or Microsoft Azure). The same applies to the Dynamic Dialogue Platform; it is a SaaS service that supports traditional voice connections and adds new channels through Connecsy. Companies using Microsoft Teams or RingCentral can now access both chat services and their telephony system from a single dashboard.

Make it Simple and Flexible
Caspar Hendriks: "We are now launching the Dynamic Dialogue Platform with one clear goal. With this solution, we want to tackle and solve the problem where companies are forced to use many different platforms and tools for their communication needs. The wide range of interfaces is becoming increasingly important because different services are central around the world. So, if you want to support as broad an audience as possible, especially now that more and more people (both young and old) want to communicate with companies using their favorite communication channels, you also need to support services like Slack, WeChat, SnapChat, Lime, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and others. In practice, without good integration, this will lead to chaos due to a lack of flexibility, problems with interconnections, and because different programs with different interfaces need to be open. Moreover, such an approach is almost certainly more expensive than buying and using a universal platform. At Pridis, you can tailor the license to your needs."

"The Dynamic Dialogue Platform is the ideal solution for agents at the forefront of corporate communication."

Everything Through One Interface and Subscription
"With the Dynamic Dialogue Platform, we wanted to solve all communication challenges. It is essentially an ecosystem that enhances the hybrid world of collaboration tools. Within the Dynamic Dialogue Platform, we have a platform inspired by our Connecsy service, reporting tools inspired by Wallboard (real-time reporting) and Florin (historical reporting). Furthermore, we are also working on a smart knowledge base environment where users and/or agents can look up any questions that arise while they are talking to customers. With such a system, less time is needed for training, and all agents always have access to the most up-to-date information. Of course, we see it as a dynamic ecosystem, which means we will always work on new tools and further improvements."