User manual - Connecsy | Enterprise™ #2.8 Presence indicators

Per contact entry multiple presences can be shown,in which each presence shows the contact status for a channel such as the phone from a PBX, MS Outlook, and MS Teams.

The presence of a contact entry is shown on the contacts, contact details and favorites panel. Each configured presence provider will indicate the contact presence status by an icon. Presence providers can be the telephony system (phone is busy, forwarded), MS Outlook calendar (in a meeting), or MS Teams (busy, at work).

A tooltip message displays additional availability information depending on the presence provider and current status. The presence indicator icon shows the presence provider type as telephony, calendar, or social media and the availability status by color:

Note that no presence indicator will be shown when the presence provider cannot deliver information. For example because the email is not registered on MS Outlook or the phone number is not registered within the PBX.

The presence indicator might display additional information in the tooltip message:
  • Displays the phone status message. On some PBX's it can also display the presence message on the handset. Shows if the phone has been forwarded and the destination number.
  • Calendar information from MS Outlook. The tooltip shows the start- end endtime of an appointment when the contact has a meeting and the contact shared this information.
  • For MS Teams it will display the status message as entered within the Teams client.
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