Release note - Connecsy | Classic™ 6.1 - 6.5

Connecsy 6.1 to 6.5


  • Optimized screenresolution and screenlayout. 3 Different pre-defined settings (Small (800px), Medium (1024) and Width (1280) )
  • Function keys are more easy configurable
  • Several improvements/changes in screen texts and colors
  1. Backgroundcolor of display line is changed to white
  2. Yellow (waiting call) changed to yellow/orange for better visibility
  • Added line calling card which shows information from the database (like name, note, fallback reason and time) for an incoming or active call
  • Improvements for display on line buttons for incoming calls
  • o  Timer (for ring time, hold time or total calling time) is added to the line keys
  • Improvements for search and transfer to an available colleague
  • Standard assignment of Splitswap functionality to F7-key for new installation. When upgrading from an older version the old settings will be copied.
  • Tested on and compatible with Avaya Aura release 8

  • Automatic added zero (0) in callhistory for in click-to-call functionality
  • Out calling from numbers with different notation (like +31 (0) or +31(0) ) fixed


  • Changes can be limited to only the information that is manually added
  • Notes field can be saved up to a certain date/time

Connecsy | Classic™