When you are running a business online, you now have access to more sales and support channels than ever. From phone to email, social media such as Twitter and Facebook and even WhatsApp, you can communicate in many ways with your users and customers. However, one channel in particular is becoming increasingly popular: chat.

Chat is more direct than email and more accessible than the telephone. From the consumer’s point of view, live chat gives them a sense of “immediate satisfaction.” Exchange information as you are used to. Easily send and exchange media, such as a link to an internet page or file, with the call center agent. If the agent does not have the proper knowledge, it is possible to forward the chat conversation to another agent.
Key features
Pridis WeCom automatically provides messages when no one is available or when the call center is closed. Pridis WeCom offers a form for identification of your customers by asking an email address or customer name. The chat conversations are stored and linked to the customer’s history.
Simple integration
Use our WhatsApp connector or our web frontend. Adding chat functionality to your company’s website is relatively easy. You will usually have to copy a few lines of codes and integrate them into your website. The colour scheme and style of the webchat icon and window are adjustable to your company’s look and feel.
Low costs
The benefits of chat in your call center are enormous. By offering chat and telephone as an integrated system, this is an affordable solution for excellent customer service. You also help advance your company’s reputation without major investments.

Reporting and analysing

The software can quickly generate reports for each of your call center agents, analysing the number of chats, time spent with customers or chat invitations.This way you can easily gain insight into the performance of the call center and make adjustments at the management level where necessary, or reward the team when they have achieved their goals/KPIs. By proactively engaging customers to use chat as a communication tool, calls can be handled faster and the phone line is less congested. By viewing the reports, this can be further managed.

WeCom™ voor AVAYA (AACC/ ACCS)

Chats can be routed based on skills, so they always end up with the right agents answering the chats. Browse through chat history to see previously conducted conversations and use them as feedback to train agents more effectively. Transferring chat conversations to other agents can be done with just a few simple clicks. But it is also possible to organize conferences to invite available agents to chat. In addition, it is also possible to switch between different customers that are in the queue and start a chat with specific customers.

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WeCom™ is the perfect web chat solution for call/contact centers. By integrating chat conversations within the existing telephony environment, comprehensive reporting can be created, giving you insight into the performance of the call/contact center. Today's business communication is grafted on being available through multiple channels. This puts the customer first. Request a quote or consult right away!
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Looking for a solution to your company’s telecommunication’s needs today can be a daunting task. Should we install a traditional PBX? Should we install a premised based VoIP system? Should we deploy a Hosted solution? Maybe a hybrid of technologies would work best. The answers to these questions depend on how your business is structured.

Single location, multi-location, home workers, mobile users all play a role in the system design process. At Pridis we specialize in telecommunication consulting, design, planning and implementation. These are essential keys to deploying a successful communication system tailored specifically to each of our customer’s specific needs. Making the right choice is critical to your company’s success. Whether it’s simply the desire to reduce your company’s current phone bill or the larger challenge of selecting the total telecommunication or workflow solution for your company, Pridis can help. Put our fifteen plus years experience to work for you.
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