The ultimate software for organizing your incoming business communications inside your front office
A growing organization notices an increase in communication such as phone traffic, Email, chat and social media. If your organization is at the tipping point of not being able to oversee how many calls or messages remain unanswered, it can harm your company name. Customer dissatisfaction increases, and this results in lost revenue. Fortunately, Pridis has the ultimate solution for these problems.

Call center, contact centers, customer service, info desks and receptionists have already benefited from our innovative software for over 20 years.
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Integrate With Flexible UC Platforms

Our Connecsy | Cloud™ attendant console is available for several platforms. In case you are using one of the RingCentral platforms such as Avaya Cloud Office, Unify Office, Rainbow Office, Mitel Office or RingCentral itself. Then Pridis can provide a seamless integration for it. Also the Microsoft Teams platform that is widely used within organizations we can provide a full integration with our attendant console.

By signing up for the program, you will receive more information about our attendant console, which is fully available from the cloud and with our multi-vendor approach, it integrates with all kinds of platforms. Our solution is subscription based (SaaS) and is easy to scale up and down in users. The Connesy | Cloud™ program will give you a full understanding of the capabilities of our attendant console.

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