About Pridis

Over the past 20 years Pridis has developed itself as one of the market leaders in software development for business communication services. During this period Pridis has built up a huge amount of knowledge, project experience and required skills in the areas of technical consulting, systems integration and business communication application design.
This knowledge and expertise is now deployed throughout our developers, architects and consultants to help you get your technology in line with your business goals.
Since 1994
20 - 100k
Pridis was founded in 1994 in the niche of software development for business communication platforms (CTI).
Pridis provides its products and services to medium size companies and enterprises with 20 - 100k users.
Pridis has been involved from the start in developing software for business communication platforms, where real-time processes take place. This makes designing software different compared to where this is not the case. Especially in mission critical situations, reliability and stability are important. After more than 20 years of experience, we can say that we are equipped with this knowledge.
Pridis is headquartered in the Netherlands but has an international focus. Our customers are mainly large enterprises in various countries, worldwide. Our software developers are generally hardworking Dutch people. But we also have a team based abroad who support us in the development of our products.
To ensure your network continues to run smoothly, match your unique business needs with the right support, no matter where you are in the solution lifecycle. We believe in the quality of our products. As an extension of our products, we offer 24/7 support services. In this way, our customers are assured of a qualitative and sustainable solution for their organization.
Pridis runs its own development department. Which ensures that we can move quickly, are involved in our customers processes and can optimize our products. This allows large enterprises to benefit from a fully integrated solution on their existing infrastructure and improve their workflows.
About Pridis
Pridis product line is suitable for the international market, allowing standardized processes to work optimally within existing platforms. In addition, we can develop complete tailor-made software or functions that perfectly matches the requirements and workflows of a customer.